PERROS DEL MAL collection

There's stables...and then there's Los Perros del Mal. PDM is not just a stable, but became a movement, an idea, a battle cry that revolutionized Lucha Libre in Mexico as an industry. Not bound to any companies, but loyal only to its members and fans, whomever and wherever they may be. Founded by the late Perro Aguayo Jr, the Perros stable wreaked havoc anywhere the went, and were still loved by MILLIONS. With the passing of Perro Aguayo Jr, the faction needed a pause in his memory. Although Pedro is not with us anymore, the impact and legacy of PDM lives on. In celebration of his legacy and the revolutionary impact of the stable, Aguayo family member and legal guardian of the PDM brand Kahn Perros has allowed Republic of Lucha to bring back the name and carry it outside of Mexico. To launch this amazing and HISTORIC collaboration, Perros del Mal members Penta 0M, Rey Fenix and Taya Valkyrie come together ONE MORE TIME at Republic of Lucha to celebrate this iconic stable.