Pasadena Motorcycle Club 2022 GREENHORN Official merch SALE! $20 FLAT!!!

SALE!!!! Final t-shirt and tote bag inventory, no re-prints. All t-shirts $20 FLAT! Free shipping, no tax! Order for delivery or local pick up at Republic of Lucha in South Pasadena. 

The Pasadena Motorcycle Cub is proud to bring you our 76th annual Greenhorn RideSaturday May 21, 2022 8am. Address: 3900 Cross Creek Rd., Malibu, CA. You’re invited. An AWESOME full day of scenic (paved) backroads. Optional dual-sport section. Overnight in Cambria. Make your own overnight accommodations in or around Cambria. The ride is FREE.

The Pasadena Motorcycle Club was established in 1907, the 3rd oldest AMA chartered club in the United States. Pasadena Motorcycle Club is a non-profit organization. We stopped charging for our rides and are grateful to all who donate anyway (every amount is helpful) to support the tradition of hosting these all-day SoCal road rides. THANK YOU! Our treasurer has tip jars at the event, and loves Venmo offerings @PMC1907

2022 PMC Greenhorn Ride generously sponsored by TORC helmets, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, TOBACCO Motorcycle Wear Co, LEXIN Moto, Espinoza's Leather and Born Free Cycles