Posada Del Mal at Republic of Lucha!



    A Perros Del Mal Holiday Special 

    In celebration of the launch of Republic of Lucha's brand new and 100% official "PERROS DEL MAL" apparel and merch line, we are having a special PDM themed Holiday fiesta and REUNION with special guests in attendance including Penta Zero Miedo, Rey Fenix and the first and ONLY 2021 in-person appearance by la Wera Loca, the Perra mas Brava, boy we missed her... TAYA VALKYRIE!!! 

    • “LUCHA CLAUS” 1-2 pm
      Santa Photo with Santa plus the Lucha Bros and Taya inside ROL. Kids 10 and under ONLY. No autographs.Photo $20, Polaroid $10
    • "POSADA DEL MAL" 3-9 pm
      FREE in Republic of Lucha’s parking lot. Tamales, Music, Drinks, Pinatas and GRILL ‘EM ALL will debut the new LUCHA BROS burger! Lucha Bros and all guests will be in attendance. NO PHOTOS OR AUTOGRAPHS. 
    • MEET & GREET 4-6 pm ONLY
      Passes available for purchase HERE. Photo ops, autographs with Lucha Bros and Taya included. Konnan and other guests photos and autographs addl.
    • “UN MEXICO PERRO” 7-9 pm
      Free screening of the Perro Aguayo film "UN MEXICO PERRO", ROL rooftop with intro by producer and family member @kahnperros , limited seating availability, first come first served.
    • No autographs, pictures or selfies with the Lucha Bros or other Luchadores during the "Posada" celebration, please! We ask that you respect the Lucha Bros, as well as the rest of our guests so they can enjoy the Posada. Purchase our meet and greet packages for all of your photo and autograph needs!!!
    • OFFICIAL LAUNCH of Republic of Lucha's "PERROS DEL MAL" official line with product releases, never before seen merch and giveaways!
    • Republic of Lucha reserves the right to cancel the event partially or in its entirety. Due to unforeseen or last minute travel changes no guarantee is made of any or all guest appearances.