Ari de Alba "Birds of a Feather" 5x7 series framed print


Birds of a Feather
Penta 0M, Rey Fenix & Thunder Rosa inspired by "Nightmare Before Christmas" Lock, Shock and Barrel bathtub scene. 

Luchaween 2021 by Ari de Alba

5x7 3 print series
Frame: 24x14.5
NOTE: THIS WORK IS A DIGITAL EDIT OFF A CAMERA PHONE PICTURE, NOT A 35MM DSLR UNLIKE THE REST OF THE EXHIBIT. Image has color and texture filters to make the series uniform and thus may exhibit slight pixelation when viewed up close. 

All framed artworks and photographs sold online at Republic of Lucha correspond to our gallery exhibits presented at our space and are proudly offered by the authoring artist for your private enjoyment and ownership. Due to the nature of the exhibit we ask that if you purchase a piece that is currently being exhibited you allow us to ship it or deliver to you once the exhibit is over so that we may continue to exhibit the piece that you generously purchased for the remainder of the exhibit.