JULY 30 // Lucha Movie Club: La Invasión de los Marcianos

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Republic of Lucha proudly presents "LUCHA MOVIE CLUB" outdoor cinema screenings right here at our amazing rooftop!!! Gorgeous weather, big space to maintain a safe distance, popcorn and treats, AND every movie will have a video intro by Penta and Fenix themselves, and maybe, just maybe a special guest or in-person surprise (tbd)!!!!

LUCHA CLUB members receive $3 off every ticket purchase. 

"La Invasión de los Marcianos"

Spanish with english subtitles

The aliens land near Mexico City and begin kidnapping people to take back to Mars as part of their research for the invasion. The Martian leader becomes obsessed with capturing the masked wrestler but after he finds their spaceship he uses a self-destruct mechanism to destroy it and keep its technology from falling in the wrong hands.

DOORS: 7:30 pm

SHOW: 8:45 pm

$15 gallery after-hours admission includes free movie screening. 
No outside food or drinks please. Chescos, palomitas y chucherias available.