Lucha Movie Club "Santo vs The Vampire Women" October 1

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Republic of Lucha proudly presents "LUCHA MOVIE CLUB"!!! In-store movie screenings of some of the rarest and most entertaining movies that the lucha genre has to offer! Pizza, popcorn and treats, AND every movie will have a video intro by Penta and Fenix themselves, and maybe, just maybe a special guest or in-person surprise (tbd)!!!!

LUCHA CLUB members receive $3 off every ticket purchase. 

"Santo vs The Vampire Women"

We kick off our "LUCHAWEEN Movie Nights" with this 1963 cult classic. A coven of ghastly decayed vampire women awaken after 200 years. Their queen is determined to return to hell and reunite with her husband Satan, but first there must be a sacrifice! 


DOORS: 7:30 PM

SHOW: 8:15 PM

$15 gallery after-hours admission includes free movie screening. 
No outside food or drinks please. Chescos, palomitas y chucherias available.