OCTOBER 30th // LUCHA MOVIE CLUB: Night of the Bloody Apes

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Republic of Lucha proudly presents "LUCHA MOVIE CLUB" outdoor cinema screenings right here at our amazing rooftop!!! Gorgeous weather, popcorn and treats, AND every movie will have a video intro by Penta and Fenix themselves, and maybe, just maybe a special guest or in-person surprise (tbd)!!!!

LUCHA CLUB members receive $3 off every ticket purchase. 

"La Horripilante Bestia Humana" AKA "Night of the Bloody Apes" UNRATED version (adults only). ENCORE PRESENTATION!!! 

The FINAL screening of our 2021 Lucha Movie Club is a most special one, and by far the one that had people going crazy the most. This is the long-lost unrated version of the 1969 cult classic. Because nudity and gore were banned in Mexican films for decades, some movies secretly made an adult version as well, some of them survived and some others were lost. A true classic of the "Lucha Horror" genre, this unrated version is infamous for its gore, nudity and just overall madness!!! F-U-N!!!! 

DOORS: 7:30 pm
SHOW: 8:15 pm

$15 gallery after-hours admission includes free movie screening. 
No outside food or drinks please. Chescos, palomitas y chucherias available.