Please refer to this section for commonly asked questions:

1 Q: How much is Lucha Club membership
A: Not a single penny, Lucha Club membership is 100% FREE

2 Q:  Why are Lucha Club discounts not available on some items? I want to buy a professional mask but am not a Lucha Club member, how can I buy it?
A: When you buy a Lucha Libre mask from ROL, you are buying it directly FROM the Luchador/a to whom it belongs to, we just serve as a point of sale so that the Luchador can reach a broader audience. The price of all masks is determined BY the Luchador/a so if a discount is applied, it comes directly out of their payment, that is why we make an exception on some masks. You still EARN points with EVERY purchase though. 

3 Q: What is the difference between a "Professional" Mask and a "Semi-Professional"?
A: “PROFESSIONAL”: A mask personally commissioned by a Luchador to their personal “mascarero” (mask-maker) that meets 100% of their personal standards to be a match-worn mask. This is an actual match-quality mask individually hand-made by a mascarero for a specific Luchador and directly provided to Republic of Lucha by said luchador. Due to its hand-crafted origin and detail, each Professional mask is completely unique and the only one of its kind in the world.
SEMI-PRO”: A mask almost identical to a Professional mask except it is made of slightly lighter materials as it is not made for the purpose of withstanding the extreme physicality of a Lucha Libre match. Individually hand-made and commissioned personally by a Luchador to their mascarero for the sole purpose of being sold as a collectible item. All “SEMI-PRO” masks at Republic of Lucha were provided directly The luchador.

4 Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, we ship to every country in the world. Due to customs and cost, we ship globally through USPS and their partners, so although it might take a little bit longer to arrive, you will not pay $65 for delivery of a t-shirt. 

5 Q: Do you ship to Mexico?
A: No, but you can get official ROL products through Penta's gym and Social Media. The decision to not ship to Mexico is due to the fact that most Luchadores depend financially on local sales of their products so we do not want to take business away form them in Mexico, plus shipping from the US to Mexico is exorbitantly expensive. We have stock of 100% official ROL merchandise in Mexico that you can acquire directly from Penta's gym. 
A: No hacemos envios a Mexico, son exageradamente caros, PERO pronto van a poder adquirir nuestros productos oficiales en Mexico directamente de Penta por medio de su gimnasio y medios sociales. 

6 Q: If I place an order, how long will it take to ship? 
A: We manufacture the majority of our merchandise in-store, so we have set days for printing and set days for processing orders. We only process orders on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 

7 Q: I received an email saying my order had "shipped", but the tracking number shows my order has not moved.
A: The e-commerce platform we use marks an item as "shipped" when the shipping label has been created, even if it still has not been sent to the corresponding courier. Depending on the processing date it might still take 2-3 more days for your items to arrive to the courier. 

8 Q: Is this REALLY Penta and Fenix's store?
A: 100%, ROL is not a "Lucha Bros" licensee, it is owned by them and every operating, merchandise and event decision comes through them. 

9 Q: Are the t-shirts true to size?
A: All our t-shirts are printed using a process called "DTG" which requires the garment to be heat-pressed before and after printing. This might cause the fibers to compress a little bit, but this compression disappears after the first cold-wash of the garment. 

10 Q: I read that Republic of Lucha does their own printing in-house, can you print a design for me or can I place an order for DTG printing?
A: Yes you can, please e-mail dtg@republicoflucha.com with info about what you'd like for us to print including sample design and quantity and we'll respond at our earliest availability with a quote. 

11 Q: I want to reach out personally to Penta and Fenix.
A: Due to their extremely busy itineraries and privacy we do not take any personal requests for meetings, autographs or share their contact information. If you have a professional (verified press or booking) inquiry regarding them you may e-mail javier@mayorarce.com with your inquiry. 

12 Q: Hablan español en la tienda o por telefono?
A: Claro que por supuesto que si.